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Frustrated Furs
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Frustrated Furs is a LiveJournal communty for furries who aren't terribly pleased with what they've found in the fandom to vent, rant, and most importantly--meet other frustrated furs. Frustrated Furs is not, however, for bashing, insulting, or otherwise targetting specific sites or individuals. We are not anti-furry, we are not anti-anything. We are merely furs who got rubbed the wrong way by the fandom, and need a place to voice are frustrations.

The Rules:

  • No posting links with the intention of attacking, harshly critiquing, or otherwise bashing the link target. If you're going to link to something, link to something positive. This community is not for attacking people!

  • Any adult material must be posted in a LiveJournal cut with ample warning that it contains adult material. This community is open to all, and as such, there will be minors. Also, please report any violation of this rule immediately, so it can be dealt with as needed.

  • Absolutely NO preference bashing! Intolerance in the fandom is very likely the main reason for many people to be in this community. Unless a preference/fetish/whater hurts people in real life, it is not 'wrong' or 'sick' or 'disgusting,' it's merely different.

  • No specific personal attacks, period. This applies to anyone, inside or outside of the community. You may complain about someone (it's advised not to, though) but they must remain anonymous, and that means no hinting at who they are!

  • No revealing anyone who wishes to remain anonymous. This applies to everyone, including anyone who believes they have been ranted about in this community. That issue is between them and the original poster. Again, this community is not about incriminating anyone, it's about blowing off steam.

  • No ranting about specific places! If, say, you are having problems with a MUCK, say "I am having problems with a MUCK," not "I am having problems with [name of MUCK]."

  • No spam! Post in the journal only if you sincerely feel folks will be interested in what you are posting. Doesn't mean you always have to be on topic, just means "think before you post".

Note: As with any rule set, this is not perfect. It is possible that someone could do something not mentioned in the rules that will cause a moderator to take needed action. This should be unlikely, but in the event that it does happen, the offender will be given a strong warning, and if they persist, removed from the community.

Now, here are some examples of stuff that should go on here:

  • Introductions. You're more than welcome to introduce yourself, and tell everyone a bit about yourself, why you are here, etc.

  • Cool Stuff. This community isn't set in stone, and you don't always need to be on topic. Keep in mind, though, that folks come here primarily due to the topic, and too much unrelated stuff could drive folks away. As a rule of thumb, only post it if you really think people will find it interesting.

  • Thoughts on aspects of furry that bother you. For example, if you find that people are pretending to be your friend to get you to RP with them, feel free to rant away on the topic. Please note, however, that you must keep things as general as possible. The less likely anyone is to know whom or what specific place you're talking about, the better.

  • Problems you've had in furry. Say an event occured that made you feel bad, feel free to let it out here. Again, though, please do not use the names of any people or places involved, and try to avoid dropping too many hints.

  • Stuff you like in furry. Wha? Stuff you like??? Yes! Nothing is all positive or all negative, and this community should be no exception. In fact, finding the good things in furry and posting them here will be very welcome, as it will help people see the bigger picture. Fair warning, though: debating is to be expected. If you say something good about some aspect of furry, and someone disagrees, expect there to be a debate. As long as it doesn't turn into a flame-war, it's perfectly acceptable in this community.